Brain Teaser Game: FAQ

How do i play?

Download the app from the app store, here (It’s only available for iOS devices at present. If you’d like us to develop an Android version, get in touch!)

  • Slide the tiles to form an equation that, when solved, gives you the mystic number.
  • You can move any tile adjacent to the empty space.
  • Once you’ve solved the puzzle the golden tile is revealed.
  • When you have enough tiles you can progress to the next level.
  • Try to complete each puzzle in the fewest number of moves.


What if i can’t solve the puzzle?

Use the Hints button which will point you in the right direction. To help, we’ve listed these below:

  • The tile in the top left corner must be a number.
  • The tile in the bottom right corner must be empty.
  • The tile next to the empty tile must contain the ‘=’ sign.
  • The mystic number will be revealed by ordering the tiles from top left to bottom right.
  • Fill the top row first then the left hand column.

Still struggling?

There’s always the Show Answer button!


How do i access the next level?

Each time you complete the puzzle, you win a golden tile. Once you have 50 tiles the next level becomes available. Your best score for each level, i.e. the fewest number of moves taken to complete the level is also displayed on the levels menu screen.


Is Datrys on social media?

Yes, you can follow, tweet and like us on the following platforms:

Use the hashtag #DatrysBrainTeaser to share your scores.


What other apps are similar to Datrys?

We’re always developing ideas at Ginormous Solutions, so watch our website and twitter feed for news. Or if you’ve got any ideas for a brain teaser game or anything else for that matter, get in touch!